Facebook Advertising – Facebook Marketing Guide

As we all know Tiger Woods has been in the news a lot the last couple of months…I mean a lot. My mother called me the other day and told me she has resorted to watching reruns and old movies to avoid hearing his name again! She completely stopped watching the news.

If you want to generate prospects from Dark Post Profits Review, you need to invite people to be your friends. I use a friend adder. There are several of them that you can choose from depending on your budget. This saves me time and I don’t need to spam all over Facebook. What I do is collect friend ids from a group in the same niche as I am and invite them to be a friend. I do 50 friend requests per day. Anything more and Facebook might shutdown my account. To multiply my efforts, I create several Facebook accounts with a similar profile. Then I add 50 friends on each of them each day.

These “less involved” folks may be that way because they’re so busy running their successful businesses or living their affluent lives. Large percentages of those who click on Dark Post Profits buy. The emphasis is to sign prospects to your autoresponder series or email updates to keep them in the loop and moving toward a lifetime of purchases.

Josh Koster, a new media political consultant from Chong and Koster, carried out the campaign for McCormack. They were battling the television ads that were accusing her of representing terrorism suspects in court. In the last minute, McCormack had a stroke of luck with a surprising eleventh-hour financial donation to her campaign. This resource helped her stay in the running.

Virtual event checkins: I was on a teleclass recently with Online Business Coach George Kao, and he encouraged us to introduce ourselves and our businesses and interact with each other on his host’s (James Roche) Facebook page. It was a pretty cool experience, as I connected with some new folks and, in one case, with a current newsletter subscriber.

If you’ve been making any of these mistakes in your Facebook marketing efforts, I encourage you to take a second look and see what may really be happening in your network marketing business. Get your marketing strategy in place, build relationships with people, and soon you’ll be attracting people to your business without all the hassle and stress that you’ve had in the past.